May 5, 2010

Square minus one?

Hmmm. Is that even possible? I donno. This last weekend was filled with screaming babies. The tagamet didn't work. To say the very least. I called Monday three times. First leaving a voicemail for the doctor himself (which he later asked how I got to his voicemail! Because I am a very smart person.), then I left one for the nurse and a couple hours later actually got a hold of the nurse.

I said that the GERD was WAY worse and that if I only had one baby, I might be able to work through some of this, but having two babies... I was having a bit of trouble. (in other words, I haven't slept but a few hours because when I finally get one baby to sleep, the other one wakes screaming... and it is a terrible, shrill, high pitched, "my froat hurts" scream.)

So yesterday I took the babies into the doc. He basically said that he didn't realize that they were still on the zantac (I switched doctors) and that the tagamet was basically the same this as the zantac and that the effectiveness of said drugs wears off over time. He prescribed prevacid (which we have tried before and it worked IF you could get the babies to take it... they were only 3 months old at the time and we had a terrible time administering it. Now we are told we can sprinkle it on food.)

So when we stop taking steps backwards maybe I can regain my sanity. I (again, feeling stupidly optimistic) hope this works.

The babies are doing good otherwise. They are weighing in at 15 lbs 9 oz and on Saturday they will be 7 months old. It feels like a dream to type that sentence.

Maddie is the flirt. She will smile and flirt with anyone! She loves to sit up by herself and take long rides in the stroller. She has the most beautiful green eyes and a smile from ear to ear. She thinks that anything daddy says is super funny.

Mickie is the philosopher. She is always so serious and you have to work a little harder to get her to laugh. Not too hard though! She has a rib that is ticklish if you just brush against it. She loves to stand up. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and her smile is SO big. She has eye lashes like a giraffe.

This weekend is "m" day. I get comments like, "this is your first real mother's day." I am not sure whether to be offended or grateful. I am kinda offended. My fur babies were my only babies for a long time and I haven't just kicked them by the curb since the babies came. (a lot of typing deleted...) I could go on and on about this day and why I think it is so bittersweet, but then, I am preaching to the choir.


mybumpyjourney said...

I hope that prevacid works!!! Poor sweet little babies. <3

What is a 'real' mother anyways? I agree-your little furbabies count too. I wish you a happy M day for ALL of your children!!!

~Hollie said...

Sheesh! I hope you get some relief from this GERD stuff. We are still spitting up, but mainly drooly stuff, which I think can be attributed to teething. So its more of a laundry issue rather than a medical issue.
HA! Got your comment, the crib thing is still in process. Last night, he slept 4 hrs in the crib. THEN he was done. He still does the rocking and rolling and screaming thing. He wakes, rocks, rolls, then screams and wont stop until you put him IN THE SWING. We don't turn the swing on, just sit him up in it. Thanks for thinking of us. GOOD LUCK, Your girls are beautiful!

PJ said...

Awww, poor babies. I have pretty severe reflux, and so does my dad and my grandmother actually had surgery - so I'm worried that our girls will have it. Anyway, I hope the Prevacid works and you all get more sleep.

Seven months, wow! We are worried about that also, how fast it goes. Just looking at the baby clothes, and wondering how long they will actually be IN one size before moving onto the next, sigh. We will try to savor every moment.

I got a mother's day card yesterday and it made me all teary. Me, a mom. Finally. And yet I know how painful that day is for so many. Bittersweet, yes.