May 27, 2010

Some Pics

(please excuse my pasty white legs.)

We went to the zoo and to the river walk last weekend. Aside from the wind, we had a good time. The girls are still struggling (and so am I) with severe acid reflux. Next Tuesday, we go to the GI and it can't come soon enough. They are still on prevacid... and Zantac. They struggle at every feeding. When they absolutely refuse to eat their bottle, I give in and give them solid food. They eat and are thrilled because they are "big girls" but then they cry for an hour after they eat. It is exhausting, frustrating, and pretty sad. They LOVE to eat solid food, but it doesn't agree with them. The milk hardly agrees with them.
Other that our trials with reflux, we are doing really great. They girls (as you can see) aren't malnourished or anything. They are perfect. (SLIGHTLY bias.) The girls are sitting up and trying very hard to crawl. They scoot pretty good. They laugh and giggle if daddy even looks at them funny. They are very amused at how fast the dogs can run and catch a ball! They are almost ready to be put in the "big girl bath" instead of the one on the counter. They still sleep through the night, even though sometimes it is a really rough start! (PS-don't kick my ass cause they have slept through the night since 2 1/2 months.) They sit in their stroller like big girls and are very patient with me at times when I am by myself!
The nice weather has enabled me to get out of the house (dungeon)! OH-and you will see that my transformation is pretty much complete. I cut my hair shorter still and .... and.... AND... I bought a minivan. Yep. Transformation complete. I never thought I would be a minivan type. Turns out I am. hmmm.


PJ said...

You look great!!!

Sounds like things are going extremely well, except for the reflux issues. I hope that resolves itself soon.

They slept through the night at 2 1/2 months?!? Whoaaa! You had them on the same schedule, right?

mybumpyjourney said...

They are so pretty! I love those eyelashes.
You look awesome btw!!!
Let us know what the GI says- hope he (she) gets it straightened out soon!!

Kahla said...

Look at those long eyelashes, Daddy is going to be in big trouble when the teenage years come! What a cute family!!! Hope your appt goes well and gets them (and you) some relief!

WiseGuy said...

Chelle, Chelle, Chelle!!!

Why did you not tell me when you deleted the blog....jeez....I missed you!

Look at the girls...Wow!

How have you been?