May 11, 2010


This post is in complete whisper as I am the queen of jinx. I should change my name. Jinxy cat. That's me.

Anywhoser. The prevacid worked minimally. It got us to a non-screaming point, but the girls still battled at every feeding. It is like boxing. How many rounds is it gonna take us girls to knock mamma out? It took quite a few, I am proud to say, but there came a time this last weekend that I was worn out. Beat. Acid reflux uses gorilla war tactics and it won..... UNTIL mamma got smart!

Here we go; (and in retrospect, I feel like a complete horses ass because I now know that we were fighting the wrong thing for quite some time.) Anyone who has a colicky baby: pay attention.

It was my thought that when the babies were about 3 months old that we were fighting gas. It still is. I believe that since a baby does not know how to burp, why should they know how to fart? (PS-I don't say "toot". I can't. The word is just too... well, it's just lame, so I can't say it.) I still believe that using the Alimentum at that point was necessary. However, at about 6 months old, I started to question the Alimentum (and the fact that it is costing us $400/month) because the babies should have grown out of colick-y-ness by now. Right? So I tried to switch formulas and the babies reacted by screaming, arching their backs, and kicking their legs. Back to Alimentum... This isn't working either. They progressively have gotten worse. Even solid food produces this reaction. Gas? Still? That's what I thought it was until the new doctor said, "No. Gas is the lochness monster. (Meaning that it doesn't exist. I don't agree with that, but anyway.) You need to start thinking in terms of reflux not gas."

Ok. So I thought. And thought. For two weeks since he told me that I have been thinking. Thinking in terms of acid reflux. (are you nodding along yet?). I decided to switch the formula again, but I was smarter this time and switched to a formula for acid reflux, not colic/gas. What do you know? It worked.

We are on Enfamil A.R. (acid reflux) which is working so well, I cry because the babies are happy and eating again. Yesterday, they ate 30 oz of the easiest feedings ever. It is still not perfect because when I give them solid food, the reflux rears it's ugly head. So I think if we just get a little stronger dose of the prevacid we will be off and running.

Moral of the story: When the babies were first born, they had colic due to gas. When they were around 4 or 5 months (don't know exactly when), they were able to cope with their gas and the problem became severe GERD. Damn the GERD.

PSS- The Enfamil is more that 50% cheaper than the Alimentum AND we can even get it in generic which will cost about 1/3 what we were spending. I don't want to discredit the Alimentum because that got us through a tough time, but it is time to move on. THANK HEAVEN!!

Whisper complete.

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What IF? said...

Hey Chelle, I have lots to say on the reflux front, but time's short right now. Just wanted to pipe up and say the Prev.acid took at least 1-2 weeks to really start working, so I'm hoping things will improve for you further. I know your girls have been on it before...

The GI doc told me afterwards that during the switchover from Zan.tac to Preva.cid it would've been okay to keep them on both. We went through hell when we switched over, but then it started getting a bit better every single day.

Dr Browns bottles with #4 nipples work if you add your own rice cereal to their bottles. #4 nipples work better than the "Y" cut. Enfamil AR is basically just "Added Rice" which you can do yourself (cheaper). We do 1 teaspoon of rice ceral per 2 oz and then an ounce of prune juice so they don't get constipated.

Also: Prevacid can cause gas, so it works great to add simethicone (generic gas drops) to each bottle. We did that for quite some time and just stopped with the simethicone this past week.

Something else that has made a huge difference: Tucker Slings. for playtime and sleeptime at 30 degree angle. Works better than bouncy seats or Bumbos that crunch their tummies.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!