April 2, 2010

Who can guess?

What do you feed a baby that won't eat her bottle and that has an "intolerance" to soy, lactose, and oats?

Answer to follow.

  • Rice cereal contains soy as a filler
  • There is soy in most baby food
  • Oats give her the same problem as soy and lactose.... in other words: she gets terrible stomach aches and screams for hours on end.


What IF? said...

Gosh, I have no clue, but can't wait to read your answer. I'm so sorry about your little girls' reflux and colic struggles and food intolerances. I can relate to the reflux and colic issues and hope our girls outgrow it soon!

Kahla said...

Oh gosh, I have no clue either. Poor baby girl!