April 15, 2010

Two posts in one day? Ohmagawd.

So, my nanny got sick and didn't make it. Talk about a bummer. I was SO looking forward to it. Oh well, next week.
I just had to post some pictures. The girls are sitting up by themselves now. AND-you should always listen to the warnings on all of their play stuff. For example: on the Bum.bo, it says to never leave a child unattended and never put it on an elevated surface. Well, I do both of those sometimes (GASP!), but only for mere moments. This morning, I was putting stuff out for the ARC and thought to myself, "I had better put them in their play pin. Don't want them falling off the counter." So I did. I put them both in their bumb.os in their play pin and went outside for a few. When I got back (DUN DUN DUN!) Mickie was on her stomach next to the bum.bo!!! If I had left them on the counter, she might have fallen off! OMG. SO, needless to say (I am saying it anyway), they will not be on the counter in their bumb.o anymore. I was going to take a picture but I was too worried that she had hurt herself! I picked her up in a panic and she was all smiley. I put her back in her bum.bo and she did it again and just laughed! Next time, I will take a picture... who cares if she is hurt! JK.

Also, Mickie is just about ready to take off crawling. She's trying so hard! Maddie doesn't much like being on her tummy. I am SURE once she sees Mickie moving around she will change her mind.

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PJ said...

Cute pics!

Imagine them both mobile! :P