April 15, 2010

Imma gettin' a nanny!

Awoooohoooo! Some one part time-a couple days a week. Then, I can blog more! haha. But really, I will be here with her (lets call her Nanny. I went with the obvious here.) all day, so it's not like I am going to just let her take care of the girls by herself... The only one I trust to take care of them alone is... well me. and their daddy, of course.
I needed someone who is on time, organized, patient, etc, etc. I really need someone who can keep an eye on them so that I can do some laundry or fix dinner or whatever. I do all of that on my own right now, but I would like a LITTLE down time when I am not holding a baby or two!
And there she was, right under my nose, I found our Nanny. I actually used to work with her. She was our secretary... she still is, but she is on unemployment right now until things pick up again. So until then, she is mine!! hehe. And it works out well for her too. Make a little cash. I don't even have to do a background check on her... We already did that! :) Very exciting.
Here's a few pics:



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PJ said...

That's wonderful!

I think you should squeeze in some theraputic "you" time as well - doing whatever revitalizes you.

Cute pics!