April 23, 2010

Flying Solo

So the day that my Nanny was supposed to start, she had to go into emergency surgery to have her gallbladder removed! Poor thing. She is doing great now and will be here to help me maybe next week. I am not counting on it because she may be called back to work as things are picking up. (which is a good thing-but I am kinda bummed because I was looking forward to the help)

Really, the reason I wanted to line her up before this is because this week DH was on a business trip and I have been flying solo. It went fine. The girls are angels. We had one night (out of four) that Mickie had a really bad tummy ache and I had to rock her for about an hour and a half. Which brings me to my next point:

Solid food sucks. That's right. The girls have been back on straight formula for two weeks now because solid food gave them as bad of gas as soy formula did. We had 3 hour screaming fests again, sleepless nights, cranky babies. It sucked. Solid food sucked. My theory: Their little tummy's just aren't mature enough to handle it yet. It's sad because they really like the solid food. (who wouldn't with my recipes! haha.) SO, I don't know if they are intolerant to grains like I stated previously because it was ALL food. I am going to wait another couple of weeks and introduce it again super SLOW. Perhaps being preemies had more of an impact than I thought? All other aspects are fine... Digestion is the real kicker.

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