April 5, 2010


Well, I have to make the baby food! Which, I don't really mind and it is simple enough. I didn't go out and buy the $150 baby food maker (although, I almost did). I am using my great $30 blender which does a better job than the food processor.

So, here is our tabockle: Mickie can't eat lactose, soy, or (as we recently found out) oats... OR GRAINS for that matter. No rice, no oats, no barley, etc. AND, she decided that she didn't like her bottle. Now, she is not malnourished, I can assure you of that. She has rolls all over the place, BUT that is only because I struggle at every single feeding to get her the proper nutrition.

I have been making my own baby food for about a week and it seems to be working pretty good. I bought a good book, so that's helpful.

The doctor said to offer them their bottle like a beverage during feedings and let the solid foods be their meal and main source of nutrition. DIDN'T WORK. :( But I will tell you what we have found is working pretty good:

6:30 am - (A nice change from the 4 am feeding. We get to sleep a little longer) Morning bottle. IF they don't eat 7-8 oz, I offer them fruit like applesauce or peaches or something.

10:00 am - Breakfast. I offer the bottle first and they drink about 4 oz or so. Then I give them my special food! Sometimes it is a roast blended with celery, onions (just a little), and carrots. They love this. Then I give them either potatoes mixed with formula or sweet potatoes. Mickie loves sweet potatoes.

1:30 pm - Lunch. Same as Breakfast. I may mix it up and offer chicken blended with mango's and bell pepper (just a little). They love this too. Then I give them some more veggies of some sort.

5:00 pm -Dinner. Same as Breakfast and Lunch. I will offer more fruit for dessert!

8:00 pm- Bottle only before bed. Sometimes they take it and sometimes they don't.

Rinse and repeat!

It is working out pretty well so far although we got off to a rocky start with the whole "solid foods" thing. Well, it's about time for them to have breakfast, so I gotta run. I will catch up with you ladies tomorrow hopefully....

PS-tomorrow, they go to their 6 month appointment. OMG. 6 months.


mybumpyjourney said...

wow....poor wee little Mickie- what CAN she eat?!? Do they think they will grow out of this? I sure hope so.
6 months? Wow. That is so crazy. Time is flying by.

What IF? said...

Hard to believe your girls are already a half year old tomorrow. WOW! Congratulations, M&M! Hope all goes well at their appointment.

Thanks for posting the answer and all of the tips about how you're going about feeding them solids. Very helpful! The food you're making for them sounds yummy. Major kudos to you for figuring it out and making their food yourself.

I use an immersion blender - works well and it's fast & easy to clean.