March 18, 2010

Feeling better

The girls are feeling better, although the antibiotics totally screwed up their tummies. Today is their last day, so that's good. Thank you for all of your well wishes. They are appreciated!
The girls are almost 6 months old (OMG-I can't believe it) and I am having a hard time with getting them on some solid foods. I want to save my pocket book by getting them on more solid foods. See, they are on the MOST expensive formula on the market (not even an exaggeration) because of acid reflux and colic. They are doing pretty good, but they didn't really like the formula and weren't eating what I thought they should. At that point I started offering them cereal. They reluctantly ate it. Then when they got an ear infection and got on antibiotics and started feeling better, they started eating more and more and more. (maybe they weren't feeling good for a while). They now eat an average of 24oz a day, which is between the 21-32 oz/per day recommendation.
We are on a pretty perfect schedule. They eat four times a day 430 am, 900 am, 130 pm, and 600 pm. They sleep all night. What I don't know is: When should I offer them cereal? I was thinking I would offer it after their bottle. That's what I did before and it seemed ok. They didn't really take much of it because they were full from the bottle. Should I stop them after a certain amount of formula to give them cereal? Or I could offer it between meals. If I offer it between meals and they get too full by their next bottle, they won't eat and it will throw off the schedule. I am perplexed.
The other thing I was wondering: Colic (they say) is usually resolved by 6 months (worst between 2 and 4 months), so can I try going back to a soy formula??? They are on a soy and lactose "alternative" right now because of their intolerance. Meaning they have terrible, terrible gas and couldn't get rid of it and that made them cry for hours and that = colic. So are their digestive systems getting mature enough to ease them back into a cheaper formula?
Any opinions?


Lost in Space said...

Clueless on the food questions, but the pics are adorable.

Glad they are feeling better!

Amanda said...

Have you tried putting some cereal in their bottles at night? That's what my SIL always did.

PJ said...

I have a lot to learn in the feeding department. Um, well yea I have a lot to learn, period. :)

But I'm glad they are feeling better!

What IF? said...

No suggestions here as I'm only crossing this bridge now. If you've figured it out, please post? Pretty, please?

I've read that it's better to offer the bottle first, followed by solids as they need the nutrition from formula/milk and that solids is just for "practice" in the beginning. I asked our GI doc, and he said we could do whatever: bottle first, followed by cereal or vice versa. For reflux, he suggested a teaspoon of rice cereal per 2 oz of formula/milk, but we haven't figured out the nipple flow for that yet and have just been feeding small amounts of cereal (1-2 tablespoons) with a spoon once a day (in between bottles). So far it hasn't really affected the amount of milk they drink.