March 5, 2010

A couple of random thoughts

So I was at (I love WM. That may change your opinion of me, but that's cool. Where else can you buy clothes for two dollars??) with my mom and the girls yesterday and after buying the girls all sorts of clothes for next winter and easter dresses(!), we were browsing the aisles and went down the crafts aisle.

My mom picked up a bag of buttons and said, "you are going to need a lot of these pretty soon....for the girls' clothes. Buttons always come off."

I stood there for a second and replied, "Can't I use Velcro?" (I was standing in front of the Velcro) And then I thought of a shirt that, instead of buttons, has Velcro! I want to make one! I would wear it proudly and then when I got home, I would rip it off like the hulk. Only I'm not green.

Aside from my new fashion statement, I started thinking: Do buttons really need that much replacing on children's clothes? Do they just come flying off all the time, possibly taking out some one's eye? Why aren't buttons on children's clothes firmly attached like my clothes? (I have really never had a problem with losing buttons... Am I just lucky?)

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PJ said...

Velcro is a great idea!