January 21, 2010

A Post About Diapers

First, let me follow up on my previous post. After experimenting with new formula, different bottles, increase/decrease Zantac, increase/decrease acidophilus, and adding cereal.... We are right back to where we started. The last two weeks have been hell accompanied by many moments of screaming babies. The "formula" (pun intended) that works is

Similac Soy Formula (5-7 oz 4 times a day) + 1ml Zantac 2x Daily + Mylicon before and after feedings + 1/8 tsp acidophilus 1x Daily = HAPPY BABIES.

SO, on to my post about diapers. This is only my opinion-take it or leave it!

I LOVE re-usable diapers. (grand pause) This is something I never thought I would say. But I do. My bulleted list:


  • I love not having to run out of diapers and make a mad dash to the store. It is true that you can buy diapers in bulk at Sam's or Costco, and I have done that in the interim while I was waiting on my new cloth diapers. It's okay, I guess. I just have a shit load of diapers that I am stuffing into drawers and closets. I am much happier knowing that I have diapers all the time, no matter what.

  • I love not taking out the trash ALL THE TIME. I DO NOT like the smell of disposable diapers. Even if they've just been peed in, they stink. So when I am using disposables, I constantly take out the trash. (PS-it might be better if you had the diaper genie, but I don't need one because I use re-usable.) This ties into another bullet....

  • I like not having so much waste.

  • I love being able to put a clean diaper on my baby as much as I want and not worry that I am going through too many diapers. I change the girls a lot because I want them to be comfortable when I put them down to sleep or when they wake up to play a bit. I don't like making them sit in a wet/dirty diaper (there are some days that I change them every 2-3 hours if they are awake). I go through many diapers during the day, and it doesn't matter. When I do the laundry, it doesn't matter if there is two or ten in there.

  • They are super cute! Everyone always asks about the diapers and I am more than happy to go on and on about them!!!

  • Cost savings. I have done the analysis on this. IF we buy a new "set" of re-usable diapers every three months, we break even. Meaning we would have spent the same amount on disposables. My first set lasted 3 months... so we broke even. (Still incentive for me to use them). This next set we bought should last about 6 months... so we should be saving about 400-500 dollars.


  • You have to rinse out the poo. Yeah, it's not the greatest thing to do, but we have a sprayer on the toitee that makes it easy-peasy.

  • I have to wash a load of diapers everyday. This is not a big deal to me. The washer does all the work. It's not like I am out with my washer board! Wash and hang to dry. I put up a little clothes line in my laundry room. I get the best comments on it too... How cute it is to see the hanging diapers!

  • You have to spend the money up front. Yeah, that sucks.

  • You have to buy a special detergent. I buy my detergent from the place I buy the diapers and I wash all our (including baby) clothes in it. It's called Allen's and I get it for $43/gallon and I use 1/2 oz per load! It goes a LONG way.

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~Hollie said...

Hey Chelle, How do you get the zantac down them? Stuff tastes awful. We've been putting it in a bottle, just wondering what you are doing.