January 15, 2010

G. A. S.

Why do I feel like I am reinventing the wheel? My girls have to be as close to perfect babies as they come... and I am totally not bias (yea right!). But seriously, they have been sleeping through the night for over a month now, they eat, they play, they poo. The ONE thing that I am trying to fix is GAS. I am talking about not being able to sleep gas. Gas that could rattle the windows and stink up the entire room. Gas that if they do fall asleep will wake them up and make them scream. Gas that makes their whole little body tighten up. That kind of gas.

Every time I call the doctor, he says that it must be from the feedings. They are getting too much air. Do you burp them? Yes. They burp like truckers. (I don't really know what that means... I guess I think that truckers burp loud??) What kind of bottles do you use? I used to use the platex advanced air that vent from the bottom. I have switched to the drop ins. That may have helped a little. Very little. Do you use mylicon? Like water. Do you "work" their legs? Every feeding... for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Last week, I called the doctor during one of Madison's scream fests. I said, "don't you hear her crying? Isn't there anything you recommend?" He told me to rub peppermint oil on their tummies. UH. That's it? I said thanks and hung up. It's not that I don't think it would work...maybe it would. But I have bent over (forward and) backward and tried just about everything anyone has recommended. Mackenzie has super sensitive skin anyway, so I know it would break her out if I tried to put anything other than A & D on her.

So I took matters into my own hands. After some pretty extensive research and talking to many people including nurses, doctors, and parents, I switched formulas yet again. I don't know why I find it difficult to switch formulas. It's not like Simi.lac has ever done anything for me! I switched to Ne.stle Good S.tart. (Soy). So guess what? The gas is better. Significantly better so far but in the four days that they have been on it, they both got constipated... and their acid reflux has become dreadful.

So what is the lesser of the evils? Do I fight through gas pain everyday, everyday, everyday? Or do I attack what I can help ie. the constipation and reflux? I pick option 2. I have added cereal to their formula which helps both constipation and reflux (not so much on this one). I am also going to call and get Prev.acid for their reflux instead of Zan.tac.

It pisses me off because I feel like I am the doctor here. Maybe that means I should find a new doctor??

And why, oh why, is it that everyone has a ton of advice for me. Yet none of it is working?? I asked what my mom did (and my MIL) when I or my hubby had gas when we were young? They said that "back in those days" the doctors told them to put the baby in their crib and let them cry. Well, I'm not going to do that.

I realize that all babies have gas. Believe me that even on this new formula, they can still clear a room. But at least it is not cramping them up and making them scream.

Any thoughts? I know I am not the only mother ever to fight gas pains.


Amanda said...

Hey! I was wondering what happened to you, glad I finally found you again. I'm glad to hear the girls are doing well, except for the digestive stuff, of course.

I don't know much about this, but I had a friend that had success with "Gripe Water". There are several different makers of it and I think everyone makes a slightly different concoction but it might be worth a try. Good luck!

Kahla said...

First, let me say you rock for offering your Follistim up to someone else. Ladies like you helped us so much when we were going through our five cycles. Bless you!

So, on to the issues. I by no means am an expert, but let me think. I'll just combine what we have done for Emery and what we did for Chase.

~ We switched to Dr. Brown's bottles w/Chase and I really think they helped. We have stayed on them w/Emery. However, they have lots and lots of parts to clean.
~ Chase was on good.start soy and got rice in every bottle. When he got super constipated we switched to oatmeal. Emery is on Enfamil AR which is rice starch based so we don't add anything to her. She was majorly constipated at first and we put some juice in her bottle. Eventually she worked through to constipation and it is much better now.
~ You can not overdose on Mylicon and we used it like crazy. No clue if it helped or not.
~ we tried gripe water, it tastes awful (I try it everything before I give it to them), not sure if it helped or not.

Emery gets those horrible gas pains too, but not nearly as bad as you was. It's awful when they happen though. In a way I wonder if her using her stomach muscles is making her reflux worse, if that makes sense. Hope you find the answers soon!!