January 4, 2010


Another year has begun. I can't even believe the last one is gone! Last year went by so quickly, I have no reason to doubt that this year will go by even quicker. I hope all my friends had a great holiday and new year. We certainly enjoyed ours. Jeff just went back to work today and I am getting back into my SAHM routine. The girls are doing great. They still sleep through out the night and they are growing and eating and pooping and doing everything that they are supposed to be doing! With a little help during tummy time, both of them can roll over. I also got them one (of many to come) of the Bab.y Einst.ein DVDs and they really, really like it. They also got Bab.y Si.gning DVD for Christmas and although they are a little too young, they watch it and wave their little hands and arms around like they might just start signing any day!

Madison started smiling the biggest and cutest smile about a week ago and Mackenzie's angelic smile followed about two days after that. These aren't "gas smiles"(although they still smile when they get the gas), these are "I am the cutest thing in the world" smiles!! It is enough to make me melt into a big puddle on the floor when either of them smile at me. I will soon capture a picture and you will melt too!

Since Jeff has been at home, we haven't had many visitors, which has been kinda nice. I am bracing myself for mad pop-ins this week.

I'll leave you with a pic of some tummy time and floor time fun! By the way, the rocking horse (that you can kinda see to the left) and the rocking chairs that will be personalized with their names were a couple of the most AWESOME Christmas presents the girls got! You may also notice the "box-o-toys" next to me... Jeff and I need to make an actual toy box! The cardboard is tacky.


~Hollie said...

beautiful Chelle! Im just getting back into the swing of things and getting reprised of all your happenings. So excited for you!


~Hollie said...

email me when you get a chance!!