January 21, 2010

A Post About Diapers

First, let me follow up on my previous post. After experimenting with new formula, different bottles, increase/decrease Zantac, increase/decrease acidophilus, and adding cereal.... We are right back to where we started. The last two weeks have been hell accompanied by many moments of screaming babies. The "formula" (pun intended) that works is

Similac Soy Formula (5-7 oz 4 times a day) + 1ml Zantac 2x Daily + Mylicon before and after feedings + 1/8 tsp acidophilus 1x Daily = HAPPY BABIES.

SO, on to my post about diapers. This is only my opinion-take it or leave it!

I LOVE re-usable diapers. (grand pause) This is something I never thought I would say. But I do. My bulleted list:


  • I love not having to run out of diapers and make a mad dash to the store. It is true that you can buy diapers in bulk at Sam's or Costco, and I have done that in the interim while I was waiting on my new cloth diapers. It's okay, I guess. I just have a shit load of diapers that I am stuffing into drawers and closets. I am much happier knowing that I have diapers all the time, no matter what.

  • I love not taking out the trash ALL THE TIME. I DO NOT like the smell of disposable diapers. Even if they've just been peed in, they stink. So when I am using disposables, I constantly take out the trash. (PS-it might be better if you had the diaper genie, but I don't need one because I use re-usable.) This ties into another bullet....

  • I like not having so much waste.

  • I love being able to put a clean diaper on my baby as much as I want and not worry that I am going through too many diapers. I change the girls a lot because I want them to be comfortable when I put them down to sleep or when they wake up to play a bit. I don't like making them sit in a wet/dirty diaper (there are some days that I change them every 2-3 hours if they are awake). I go through many diapers during the day, and it doesn't matter. When I do the laundry, it doesn't matter if there is two or ten in there.

  • They are super cute! Everyone always asks about the diapers and I am more than happy to go on and on about them!!!

  • Cost savings. I have done the analysis on this. IF we buy a new "set" of re-usable diapers every three months, we break even. Meaning we would have spent the same amount on disposables. My first set lasted 3 months... so we broke even. (Still incentive for me to use them). This next set we bought should last about 6 months... so we should be saving about 400-500 dollars.


  • You have to rinse out the poo. Yeah, it's not the greatest thing to do, but we have a sprayer on the toitee that makes it easy-peasy.

  • I have to wash a load of diapers everyday. This is not a big deal to me. The washer does all the work. It's not like I am out with my washer board! Wash and hang to dry. I put up a little clothes line in my laundry room. I get the best comments on it too... How cute it is to see the hanging diapers!

  • You have to spend the money up front. Yeah, that sucks.

  • You have to buy a special detergent. I buy my detergent from the place I buy the diapers and I wash all our (including baby) clothes in it. It's called Allen's and I get it for $43/gallon and I use 1/2 oz per load! It goes a LONG way.

January 15, 2010

G. A. S.

Why do I feel like I am reinventing the wheel? My girls have to be as close to perfect babies as they come... and I am totally not bias (yea right!). But seriously, they have been sleeping through the night for over a month now, they eat, they play, they poo. The ONE thing that I am trying to fix is GAS. I am talking about not being able to sleep gas. Gas that could rattle the windows and stink up the entire room. Gas that if they do fall asleep will wake them up and make them scream. Gas that makes their whole little body tighten up. That kind of gas.

Every time I call the doctor, he says that it must be from the feedings. They are getting too much air. Do you burp them? Yes. They burp like truckers. (I don't really know what that means... I guess I think that truckers burp loud??) What kind of bottles do you use? I used to use the platex advanced air that vent from the bottom. I have switched to the drop ins. That may have helped a little. Very little. Do you use mylicon? Like water. Do you "work" their legs? Every feeding... for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Last week, I called the doctor during one of Madison's scream fests. I said, "don't you hear her crying? Isn't there anything you recommend?" He told me to rub peppermint oil on their tummies. UH. That's it? I said thanks and hung up. It's not that I don't think it would work...maybe it would. But I have bent over (forward and) backward and tried just about everything anyone has recommended. Mackenzie has super sensitive skin anyway, so I know it would break her out if I tried to put anything other than A & D on her.

So I took matters into my own hands. After some pretty extensive research and talking to many people including nurses, doctors, and parents, I switched formulas yet again. I don't know why I find it difficult to switch formulas. It's not like Simi.lac has ever done anything for me! I switched to Ne.stle Good S.tart. (Soy). So guess what? The gas is better. Significantly better so far but in the four days that they have been on it, they both got constipated... and their acid reflux has become dreadful.

So what is the lesser of the evils? Do I fight through gas pain everyday, everyday, everyday? Or do I attack what I can help ie. the constipation and reflux? I pick option 2. I have added cereal to their formula which helps both constipation and reflux (not so much on this one). I am also going to call and get Prev.acid for their reflux instead of Zan.tac.

It pisses me off because I feel like I am the doctor here. Maybe that means I should find a new doctor??

And why, oh why, is it that everyone has a ton of advice for me. Yet none of it is working?? I asked what my mom did (and my MIL) when I or my hubby had gas when we were young? They said that "back in those days" the doctors told them to put the baby in their crib and let them cry. Well, I'm not going to do that.

I realize that all babies have gas. Believe me that even on this new formula, they can still clear a room. But at least it is not cramping them up and making them scream.

Any thoughts? I know I am not the only mother ever to fight gas pains.

January 13, 2010

Diaper Sale

I know I don't have very many readers, but to those that have stuck with me (thank you) SPREAD THE WORD:

2. I have 19 BUM GENIUS 3.0 AIO (ALL PINK) extra small (6-12 pound) diapers that are in perfect condition that I need to get rid of (we are moving to the next size). They retail for about $12-13 each and I will sell them for $8/each or $6/each if you buy all 40. They have only been washed in the recommended detergent and always hung dry.

E-mail me at lsawvell (at) comcast (dot) net. I need not know who you are if you are interested in either of these!! E-mail me anyway!

January 7, 2010

And now for pictures!

January 4, 2010


Another year has begun. I can't even believe the last one is gone! Last year went by so quickly, I have no reason to doubt that this year will go by even quicker. I hope all my friends had a great holiday and new year. We certainly enjoyed ours. Jeff just went back to work today and I am getting back into my SAHM routine. The girls are doing great. They still sleep through out the night and they are growing and eating and pooping and doing everything that they are supposed to be doing! With a little help during tummy time, both of them can roll over. I also got them one (of many to come) of the Bab.y Einst.ein DVDs and they really, really like it. They also got Bab.y Si.gning DVD for Christmas and although they are a little too young, they watch it and wave their little hands and arms around like they might just start signing any day!

Madison started smiling the biggest and cutest smile about a week ago and Mackenzie's angelic smile followed about two days after that. These aren't "gas smiles"(although they still smile when they get the gas), these are "I am the cutest thing in the world" smiles!! It is enough to make me melt into a big puddle on the floor when either of them smile at me. I will soon capture a picture and you will melt too!

Since Jeff has been at home, we haven't had many visitors, which has been kinda nice. I am bracing myself for mad pop-ins this week.

I'll leave you with a pic of some tummy time and floor time fun! By the way, the rocking horse (that you can kinda see to the left) and the rocking chairs that will be personalized with their names were a couple of the most AWESOME Christmas presents the girls got! You may also notice the "box-o-toys" next to me... Jeff and I need to make an actual toy box! The cardboard is tacky.