December 14, 2009

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!

It is amazing to me how everything works out. (Long pause before the next sentence...Mackenzie was not happy in her room. She is happy now. With me, down stairs, sleeping. Madison is still upstairs sleeping.) (Another long mother called.)

45 minutes later:

...It is amazing to me how everything works out. The first couple of months with the girls were really rough. It was a hard transition, but Jeff and I are finding our grove. I actually played in the symphony this weekend, something I thought wouldn't happen until next year when the girls were a bit older. I am going Chris.tmas shopping this week and taking the girls with me. We went to see my nieces dance recital and took the girls (they were angels).

What am I getting at? We still have a life! With twin girls. We still have a life. Something that almost everyone told me would be over. "You will never have time to yourself again... not until they are 18" "You can't be intimate with your husband anymore. Not with two babies!" "You can't play in the symphony! Who will take care of the girls??"

I love proving people wrong. Guess what? I DO have time to myself sometimes. I AM intimate with my hubby. And I DID play in the symphony.

Enough about me, though. The girls are thriving, as they say. We had a bit of a problem with gas. I mean, they wake up screaming their little heads off after only a half hour of sleep because they have terrible gas. (can you imagine having gas so bad that you cry and scream? Poor babies) The drops? They take them like candy. They got a prescription for zantac that seems to help and I still give them acidophilus to keep them "moving". So we are working through the gas situation. Literally. :)

We have a great routine going, the girls and I. During the day, they go with me in their bouncers (which, by the way, we cannot live without) where ever I go. If I am downstairs, they are downstairs. If I am cleaning, they go room to room with me. I feed them every 4 hours, hold one of them for a while, hold the other for while and then they go in their bouncers, stare and ooh and ahh at the wonderful hanging toys and wave their arms around. Then when they start to get fussy, I give them their sucky and they sleep a bit. They don't fall into a deep sleep because I won't let them. They take siestas all day long. THEN, at night, I feed them and put them to bed and they will go 5-6 hours between feedings and they are tired enough that I don't have to fight (much) to get them to go back to sleep at 2 in the morning.

Madison is on the left and Mackenzie on the right. You will notice that they love the "hospital issue" suckies. I can't get them to take a nuk for the life of me. My friend, who also had a preemie baby, said her daughter (now 2) would never take anything but the hospital issue suckies either. So, she gave me a bunch of them recently in all different colors. They are called gumdrop pacifiers, FYI.

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PJ said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I already got a little taste of what stupid things people say about having twins this week, and am trying to brace myself for more in a few weeks when we officially "tell". Of course, I'm sure if I retort with a "oh, yes we will still have a life", they will just roll their eyes and think I am naieve. Sigh. Why can't people just be happy for ya? :)

Glad you're settling into a routine.