December 4, 2009


I think I have heard every home remedy that ever existed. Some of them-Great ideas! And some of them-UM, I don't think so!

To cure hiccups: Sugar water
This is a very popular remedy recommended to me by several people. I have never tried it because the doctor said that it is the act of sucking that relieves hiccups. Give more milk or use a pacifier.

To cure constipation: Sugar water
Is this all they had back in the day? Unfortunately doctor said water could throw off the babies electrolytes. They would get full from the water and not eat their formula. That would be bad. Instead, give baby acidophilus probiotic.

To cure colic: Whiskey water
I am sure this would knock them out and make them sleep (hence stop crying). Even the 5 drops of whiskey to 4 oz of water, which is what was recommended leaves me with a not-so-good feeling. Plus, water is no good given the above explanation.
Instead, .... Just try to work through it. Fortunately, my babies don't have colic.

To cure pains of teething: A drop of whiskey on your finger rubbed onto the gums
I am not there yet, but I think anbesol might work. I really don't know if I am comfortable giving my babies whiskey... Even though these remedies were used on me!

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PJ said...

Hey! You know Mel had a question about you on Lost and Found a few weeks ago, wondering where your blog was, how you were doing, etc...

I love the pics of the babies!

I wouldn't feel comfortable with the whiskey either.

I love your previous post, especially that you love them more than life itself. It seems like things are getting better.

I know this whole parenting twins thing is going to completely throw us for a loop! We've been doing our own thing now forever, and we are not spring chicken's anymore! So scary, yet such a huge blessing.