November 30, 2009


My life evolves everyday. I can say (today anyway) that there is no where else I would rather be than here at home taking care of my girls. As challenging as it is, I can't have anyone else taking over my job as mommy.
Jeff and I are very calculated, mathematical, systematic people and have had a hard time letting two un-calculated, un-mathematical, un-systematic babies rule our lives! It has been a hell of a transition for me and I am still transitioning. Hence, the evolution.
Every day, I learn something new. A new "trick" for my "bag of tricks." For instance, we have found that the babies do really well if I am the primary "food giver." (Forgive my over use of quotes) There must be different techniques from person to person... or they must realize that I am mommy and they trust me (that I will give them food)... or whatever reason. If I feed them all the time, (which consists of them sitting in their high chairs and me holding both bottles and when I burp one the other gets a suckie), then they fall asleep faster and they are more content. This means that I don't even have Jeff to help me. It means that I don't get a break...ever. BUT, I am okay with that because the babies are what matter right now.

Another thing that has helped tremendously with the over all contentment of the babies is switching to a soy formula. They were on a preemie formula that had 2 extra calories per cc. Well, it was so rich for them that they would only sleep for about 30 minutes before waking up SCREAMING with gas pains. It was awful. I took them to the doctor and the doctor said that the girls were "thriving" and didn't need to be on the preemie formula anymore. I wanted to switch to a soy based formula anyway, so I was happy that it's what the doctor recommended.
The holiday was hard. Everyone in my family was sick and Jeff and I were made to feel like assholes because we wouldn't let anyone hold the babies at Thanksgiving. YET, they are all on antibiotics and the girls are (knock on wood) not showing signs of being sick. We are the bastards though that are keeping the babies from everyone... Whatever. My family can kiss my ass. The bad thing is that it stressed Jeff and I out SO MUCH that the babies didn't sleep hardly at all the night before Thanksgiving.
On a brighter note, the girls are great. Like I said earlier, even as challenging as it is at times, there is nowhere else I would rather be. I love them more than life itself.
(Us with my 90 year old grandfather. These are his 11th and 12th great grandchildren)
(How I feed the girls... Except that they are big enough now that I put them in their high chair)

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